Bjornerud & Jerezano: Celebrating A Decade of Collaborative Drawing

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Brought together by a shared interest in visual storytelling and the value of symbolic language, Kristin Bjornerud and Erik Jerezano have been making collaborative drawings together since 2008.  Their collaboration can be viewed as both a dialogue about the materiality of drawing and an insistence on the value of storytelling and imagination in the age of cynicism.  In the spring of 2011 ETC Review de L’Art Actuel published a portfolio of their drawings alongside an article by Gentiane Bélanger entitled “Les multiples versants du folk”.  In 2014 the Ottawa Art Gallery opened the new OAG Annex gallery at Ottawa City Hall with an exhibition of their work titled Dear Aberration,…: A Correspondence Through Drawing.  Their collaborative drawings can be found in the BMO Art Collection and in numerous private collections across the country. 



Our collaborative drawing practice involves sending unfinished drawings back and forth through the mail.  Each piece documents an artistic conversation driven by experimentation and a desire to bridge boundaries of gender, culture and language.  There is dark humour and a sense of the surreal running throughout our correspondence.  Motifs such as masquerading, doubling and metamorphosis are repeated throughout the hundreds of drawings we have created together over the past decade. The strength of our partnership lies in the marriage of two very different styles and approaches to mark making which, when joined together create multiple layers of meaning and narrative.

“[W]e share some common ground: the oddness and the uncanny, the magical and the narrative, but when it comes to the technical approach to the piece we have different methods and that produces an intense contrast—the raw meets the elegant.”  – Erik Jerezano

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