Bjornerud & Jerezano: Celebrating Over A Decade of Collaborative Drawing

Additional images available upon request.


Brought together by a shared interest in visual storytelling and the value of symbolic language, Kristin Bjornerud and Erik Jerezano have been making collaborative drawings together since 2008. 


In our work there is a cross-pollination of autobiographical themes, historical and culturalsymbols, personal and folk mythologies.  The result of our dialogue is the emergence of a hybrid narrative where politics, identity and imaginary worlds merge and surreal humor blurs the edges.  In it’s most pared down sense our project can be viewed simultaneously as a variation on the surrealist practice of the "Le cadavre exquis " and an epistolary exchange. Our method of correspondence is visual.  We send unfinished drawings back and forth throughthe mail to be translated and responded to by the other. The result of our decade’s long dialogue has been the emergence of a hybrid image that expresses feelings of displacement, expectation, engagement with the unconscious and a commitment to visual storytelling.  Beyond the very different politics we inhabit, we also come to the project with very different styles and approaches to mark making.  The strength of ourpartnership lies at theintersection of these differences. Over time we have adopted and integrated each other’s visual lexicon.  Motifs such as masquerading, doubling andmetamorphosis are repeated throughout the hundreds of drawings we have created together since we started this exchange in 2008.  We have cultivated a process of echoing and shadowing where wesimultaneously assimilate the other's vision and anticipate a response –yet we continue to surprise each other.  This is, conceptually, a very rich part of the evolution of our collaboration and this playfulness and entanglement is what sustains our practice.  

“[W]e share some common ground: the oddness and the uncanny, the magical and the narrative, but when it comes to the technical approach to the piece we have different methods and that produces an intense contrast—the raw meets the elegant.”  – Erik Jerezano

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